The Key No.2019.10.18


The Key No.2019.10.18


Aham brahmaasmi.(I'm a Brahman



そう考えるとあなた自身は、おのれの本性を知るようになる。すなわち、悲しみはあなたの本性であるのではなく、喜び、喜びだけが本性だと心は超越していく。やがて絶対者と繋がったものとしての自分を見出すことになる。By seimeiwada.


The identity which you have brought about with the perishable body and changeful mind, this identity will gradually transcended. Then you will begin to identify yourself with your essential nature(Nija Suvarupa). You will know the sorrow is not in my being, sorrow is only my imagination. What there is within me is bliss and bliss alone, for I am part of the Supreme Infinite Bliss which is Brahman.



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